I Made The Popular Girl My Pain Slave 2 by Larten21

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I Made The Popular Girl My Pain Slave 2 by Larten21

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I Made The Popular Girl My Pain Slave 2 by Larten21

The school bell rang signaling the end of the school day, I hadn’t been able to stop thinking all day about what had happened between Taylor and I earlier in the library and how she would be coming to my apartment later, that is if she didn’t want the video I had made of her sucking my cock and having an orgasm as I beat her leaked to the whole student body.

I wanted time to speed by so that it would be time for Taylor to arrive at my apartment but at the same time I was glad it wasn’t because I had other things I wanted to do first. I walked around the town canter going from store to store purchasing things in preparation for tonight.

I didn’t realise how close it was to seven o’clock when Taylor was supposed to be arriving at my apartment so when I saw I only had fifteen minutes to get home I had to rush to get there on time.

I arrived home at exactly seven and I’m happy to see Taylor standing outside the door to my apartment. She is looking around like she is scared of someone seeing her here, she is dressed in a short black skirt with white knee high socks and a white shirt.

“I wasn’t sure you would come.” I say as I approach her, my eyes trailing all over her body.

“I had to.” She says angrily.

“You didn’t have to, you could have just let me show everyone the video.” I tell her with a cruel laugh.

Taylor doesn’t reply as I move around her and open my apartment door. I walk inside my apartment and kick off my shoes before moving further inside, it’s not until I place the bags on the floor that I realize that Taylor hasn’t followed me.

“Come on.” I snap at her when I see her standing in the doorway.

Taylor hesitantly walks inside my apartment, she cautiously takes off her shoes and closes the door behind her but she doesn’t move any further inside.

“Sit down.” I tell her, “we are going to have some fun later but first are you hungry?” Taylor looks at me like I have just grown a second head.

“I... Yeah a little.” She sounds shocked at my question.

“Do you like burgers?” I ask as Taylor sits down on the sofa. She is still looking at me like I’m crazy but she nods her head, “ok so first we eat and then maybe we have some fun.”

I walk over to my kitchen area and start to make the burgers. I watch Taylor in every moment that I’m not focused on cooking the burgers, she looks uncomfortable but she is looking around the room taking everything in.

The burgers finish cooking, I plate them up and take them over to the sofa where I give one plate to Taylor before sitting down with my own. I turn on the TV and aimlessly flick through the channels before settling on some crappy quiz show to provide background noise while we eat. We quickly finish eating and when I’ve put the plates in the kitchen to wash later I return to the sofa.

“Why are you treating this like a date?” She asks angrily.

“Why? don’t you want me to?” I ask her a little tauntingly.

“Well it’s not like we are dating.” She snaps.

“True but I thought you would like for me to make this as nice as possible for you.” I tell her.

“Can we just get this over with?” She growls.

“You know this wont be the last time don’t you?” I ask her, she looks down towards the floor and nods her head, “so do you still want to jump right into it?”

I watch fascinated and a little confused as she blushes and rubs her legs together before she looks up me and slowly nods her head.

“I know I’m blackmailing you into this but I want to make it as pleasurable as possible for both of us. If I do something that hurts too much or just goes too far then just say the word Shampoo and I’ll stop and do something else.” I tell her.

“Can’t I just say shampoo now and have this all be over?” She says with a slight chuckle.

I laugh, “No. This is happening.” I tell her.

“Fine, let’s do this.” She snaps.

“Follow me then.” I tell her before picking up the bags containing what I had brought earlier and walking towards the bedroom.

I close the bedroom door behind Taylor as she enters and looks around the room at the double bed and wardrobe that are the only items of furniture in the room.

“I brought some things earlier to make things better.” I tell her while setting the shopping bags on the floor near the bed, “first though you need to get naked.”

She hesitates for a split second before unbuttoning her shirt, she undid every button before shrugging the shirt off and showing me that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“That was risky.” I say teasingly nodding at her bare breasts and her white shirt now lying on the floor.

“Thought it would get this over with quicker.” She says quietly.

“No, I think you got a thrill thinking that people might see those pretty little tits of yours.” I tell her not trying to taunt her but speaking my mind.

Taylor doesn’t say anything but I see her blush as she reaches down and pulls her skirt over her hips before shimmying the skirt the rest of the way down.

“No panties either.” I laugh as her skirt falls away leaving her in only her white knee high socks, “maybe you’re an exhibitionist as well as a masochist.” I tease her lightly.

“I...Maybe.” She sighs heavily, “earlier in the library I kept thinking about someone catching us.” I watch her squirm as she speaks, “it turned me on even more.”

“Maybe I’ll parade you around the streets naked with a vibrator buried deep in your tight pussy.” I tell her only half serious.

“I don’t...” She trails off and shakes her head before crouching down and pulling her socks off. The way she crouches with her legs spread provides me with a great view of her perfect pussy dripping with her juices in an obvious show of her arousal.

I can feel my cock growing in my trousers as I scour my eyes over her perfect body. I can see that not only is her pussy practically dripping with wetness but her nipples are also fully erect and pointing straight at me.

“Look at you, your mouth says you hate me but your body is begging for my touch.” I tease her as I step closer to her and lightly trail the fingers of my one hand from her neck down over one breast and down across her flat stomach to her hips. She pushes her hips forward trying to bring her pussy into contact with my hand.

“Nope, not yet.” I tell her as I pull my hand away from her making her moan softly at the sudden loss of my touch.

“Lie on the bed on your stomach but with your knees underneath you like you were kneeling and lay forward.” I order her hoping I had described the position well enough for her to understand what I want.

“Oh and make sure you spread your legs.” I tell her as she climbs onto the bed.

Taylor kneels on the bed before lying forward so her knees are underneath her stomach and her face is on the mattress, she then reaches her arms up towards the headboard.

“Like this?” She asks without lifting her head.

“Perfect.” I tell her. I rummage in the carrier bags retrieve a length of rope and move around the bed so I’m near the headboard.

“Hands together and no moving.” I order her, she instantly complies and I wrap the rope around her wrists tying them together before pulling it tight stretching her arms up and tie them to the headboard.

“What are you doing?” She asks a little fearfully.

“I told you I brought some things to make this more fun.” I tell her walking back around to the foot of the bed.

I stand at the foot of the bed and stare at her exposed asshole and pussy, the position she is in pushes her ass towards me and leaves her totally exposed. I reach forward and simultaneously run both of my hands up the inside of her thighs making her sigh dreamily, I pull my hands away before they come into contact with her glistening pussy. She groans when I pull my hands away and pushes her hips towards me trying to bring my hands back into contact with her.

“I said don’t move.” I snap. I had read a few articles on the BDSM lifestyle during the last few classes and had gotten a few ideas for things I want to try out on Taylor.

“You need to know that if you disobey me then you will get punished.” I tell her as I draw a short bamboo cane from one of the carrier bags.

“From now on you will refer to me as Sir.” I tell her, “now I want you to count each strike out loud and thank me after each one.”

I swing the bamboo cane and strike her across the ass hitting both of her ass cheeks at the same time making her cry out with pain. I wait a moment for her to thank me and count out the number of strikes but she falls silent when her scream cuts off.

“It’s new so I will let you off this once but if you don’t start counting and thanking me I will keep going until you do.” I tell her a cruel smile flashing across my face as I lightly run the cane across the back of her thighs and over her ass.

“I’m sorry... Sir.” She hesitates before calling me Sir but she did it anyway and I have to admit I like the sound of it.

“Just ask.” I snap, I can see that she wants to ask a question but is afraid that she would be punished for speaking.

“Is it like in the library Sir, am I not allowed to scream too loud?” She asks.

“I’m the only one who lives here right now and we are on the top floor so scream as loud as you want, I think I will enjoy the sound.” I tell her silently cursing myself for not telling her sooner and possibly missing out on the full sound of her scream when I had stuck her with the cane. I really enjoyed hearing her muffled screams in the library earlier and I just know that I will enjoy her unhindered screams even more.

“Now remember you will count and thank me for each strike. You only have to endure nine more but if you disobey I will keep going until I hear you count them and thank me.” I tell her savoring the scared whimper she makes.

I swing the bamboo cane and hit her across the ass again just above the red welt from the previous strike. She screams loudly and I wait for her to stop screaming part of me hoping she will obey my orders but another part of me hopes that she won’t so that I can punish her even more.

“One, thank you Sir.” Taylor manages to gasp out the words after taking a few deep breaths to catch her breath after screaming.

“Good. Only eight more to go.” I tell her running the cane over her ass.

I strike her again trying not to hit the same spot twice, she screams and then counts the strike and thanks me for it. Each time I strike her she screams, counts out loud and then thanks me, I attempt to strike different places on her ass with each blow to leave her ass a patchwork of red welts. I change things up for the final strike and change my grip on the cane and instead of striking her across the ass I bring the cane up and strike her straight up her pussy straight between her lips and hitting her clit.

Taylor roars with pain and collapses onto her side. I give her longer to recover from this blow than I did from any of the others and I wait for a moment to hear her speak, I start to think that she isn’t going to and I’m going to repeat the strike when I hear her talk faintly.

“Nine. Thank you Sir.” Her voice is barely a whisper but I can hear the pain behind it.

“You did well.” I tell her admiring her ass which is covered in red stripes from the cane strikes.

“Back into the position.” I order her, she tries to get back into the kneeling position but struggles to do so, I reach over and help her back into the position. I pick up the cane and tap it gently against her pussy making her flinch at the touch.

“Please Sir don’t hit my pussy again.” She practically begs.

“I wont, you took your punishment like a champion and now you get a reward.” I tell her.

I watch her shiver in anticipation as I drop the cane back into one of the carrier bags then step closer to her and run my hands up her thighs and over her ass. I take hold of her hips and pull her a little closer to me making her gasp as it puts strain on her arms which are still tied to the headboard. Without hesitation I move forward and press my lips to her pussy and kiss her before opening my lips and licking all over her pussy lapping up her juices. I pay special attention to her clit as I continue to run my tongue all over her pussy bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm.

Taylor’s moans rise in volume and intensity until I’m certain that she is on the brink of an orgasm. I pull my head back to speak to her.

“Remember you have to ask permission to cum.” I tell her quickly before pressing my tongue back to her clit.

“Please Sir can I cum?” She almost shouts the question, I pull back for a second to mutter a quick “yes" before going back to work on her clit. At the last second just before the orgasm hits her I bite down on Taylor’s clit, she screams as the orgasm slams into her making her shake and howl with pleasure. I don’t let up and continue licking her pussy trying to draw her orgasm out for as long as possible.

After a solid minute of making her orgasm I pull back and let her finish off her orgasm without any further stimulation. It takes another minute for Taylor’s orgasm to die down and when it finally does she slumps onto the bed panting.

“Thank you Sir.” She whispers sleepily.

“No sleeping yet.” I snap giving her a sharp slap across the ass and making her scream, “We aren’t finished yet not until I’ve fucked every single one of your holes.” I tell her sharply as I practically rip my clothes off.

I move around to the top of the bed and undo the rope attached to the headboard so she can move her arms but so that her hands are still tied together.

“On your back.” I order her and she slowly complies rolling over onto her back.

I move to the foot of the bed and lift her up by her thighs so I can drag her down the bed. I pull her down the bed so that her legs are off the end of the bed but the rest of her is on the bed still. I take a length of rope and wrap it around her ankle and tie it to the bottom of the bed so her leg is stretched wide, I do the same to her other leg before stepping back to admire my handiwork.

Both of Taylor’s legs are tied to the bed so her legs are forced wide open leaving her red pussy on full display at the edge of the bed with the rest of her body back on the bed. I retrieve a pack of wooden clothes pegs from the carrier bag and hastily rip it open and pull a pair from the packaging.

I move around the top end of the bed letting my hands trail lightly over her body, I grab the rope tying her hands together and pull it back up to tie her hands back to the headboard ensuring she can’t move.

I start to tease her nipple of her perky breasts with my fingers making sure they are rock hard and sensitive for what comes next, when I’m sure that they are I take one clothes peg and attach it to her nipple, she groans softly as I grab the seconds clothes peg and as I attach it to her other nipple her groans grow louder.

I move back to the foot of the bed and look down at her glistening red pussy, exposed and practically begging to be fucked. I line my cock up with her pussy and lean over her giving a pull on the clothes pegs attached to her nipples, I let go of the clothes pegs and launch a slap aimed at her breast at exactly the same moment that I drive my cock fully into her pussy.

“Oh fuck.” Taylor growls as I bottom out in her tight pussy.

“God you’re so fucking tight.” I moan as I start to move slowly in and out of her pussy.

I start to move slowly to get her used to the feeling of my cock inside her but after a short moment I’m fucking her hard feeling my balls slap against her ass.

Taylor moans loudly as I pound into her, her moans turn into squeals of pain as I reach over her and tug on the clothes pegs clamped onto her nipples. I alternate between pulling on the clothes pegs and slapping her breasts while I continue to fuck her viciously. I feel her orgasm and her pussy clamp down on my cock, my own orgasm quickly approaches as fuck her and her pussy contracts around me trying to kill my cock dry. I wrap a hand around her throat a couple of seconds before I cum deep inside her.

I collapse on top of her and smile feeling her supple naked body against my own naked flesh. While lying on top of her with my softening cock still inside her pussy I remember something that had happened while I had been fucking her and whisper into her ear.

“I know you didn’t orgasm without permission when I was fucking that tight pussy of yours.”

I hear Taylor whimper as she realises that she has broken one of my rules and now she is going to get punished.

“I’m so sorry Sir.” She says sounding like she is close to tears.

“You know I have to punish you now.” I tell her as I move myself off of her, pulling my soft cock from her pussy and looking down on her deciding what will be the best way to punish her.

“Ready?” I ask her not really caring about her answer.

“Yes Sir. I’m sorry Sir.” She sounds sad, not like she is scared of my punishment but sad that she did something to deserve punishing.

I have decided on what the punishment will be and I cant help but smile knowing I was going to enjoy this punishment.

“Look at me.” Slowly her eyes meet mine, “you will hold eye contact with me until I say otherwise and remember, you will ask for permission to cum, if I don’t give permission then you don’t cum.” I tell her looming over her.

She doesn’t answer me just looks at me with her blue eyes wide, I slap he hard across the face hitting one cheek and then the other with a backhand swing.

“Did you hear me?” I growl, she nods her head, “are you going to obey me?” I ask her.

“Yes Sir.” She whispers now sounding fearful.

I plunge two fingers inside her pussy which is still gaping after my hard fucking. I slam my fingers into her over and over hard and fast my only aim is to bring her quickly to the point of climax.

“Please can I cum Sir?” Taylor gasps out through her moans.

“No.” I pull my fingers out of her pussy and giving her inner thighs a hard slap each.

She groans at the sudden loss of my fingers inside her and the sharp slaps to her inner thighs. I wait a short moment before plunging my fingers back inside her pussy. Her moans are louder than they had been a moment ago as I finger fuck her harder than before.

“Please Sir can I cum?” She screams.

“No.” I tell her again pulling my fingers from her pussy and then slapping her pussy.

She groans sounding annoyed that I had once again denied her the orgasm she must be craving after being brought to the edge twice already.

I repeat the process fucking her hard and fast with my fingers and bringing her right to the edge of an orgasm before pulling my fingers out of her and slapping a random body part hard. I bring her right to the edge of an orgasm five times and by the end of the fifth time she is practically ready to sell her soul to me just so she can feel the release of an orgasm.

“Please Sir, I really need to cum, please, please, please Sir let me cum.” She pleads and begs with me as I push my fingers back inside her.

I finger fuck her hard again savoring the wet sounds of my fingers brutalizing her pussy. I reach up with my free hand and pull on the clothes pegs clamped in her nipples one by one making her cry out.

“Please Sir, please can I cum?” She begs me her voice almost a scream.

I don’t answer her but pull my fingers from her pussy and step forward lining my cock up with her pussy. Taylor can’t see what I’m doing and gasps loudly in surprise and pleasure as I drive my cock balls deep into her pussy and start to frantically fuck her.

“Cum for me little whore.” I growl leaning over her and pulling on the clothes pegs on her nipples as I fuck her hard and deep.

“Thank you Sir.” She screams loudly as she is finally allowed the release of an orgasm.

The orgasm hits her extremely hard and she starts to thrash around beneath me as I hold my cock fully inside her twitching and contracting pussy. Taylor practical lifts off the bed looking and sounding like she belongs in a movie like the Exorcist as she growls and thrashes wildly in the throes of the powerful orgasm.

I start to worry about Taylor as she is still thrashing around held in the grip of the extreme orgasm after almost a minute. I watch as she starts to come down from the orgasm, stops thrashing around and collapses onto the mattress still twitching slightly. I pull my cock out of her pussy making her gasp and groan.

“Did you enjoy your punishment?” I ask her as I move around the bed and take the clothes pegs off of her nipples making her moan loudly.

“That was my punishment Sir?” She says questioningly.

“Yes, you cum without permission so I make you need to cum but not let you.” I tell her brushing hair away from her face.

“I don’t want to question you Sir but I’m not sure how much of a punishment that was, it was the best orgasm of my life Sir, thank you.” She speaks so sweetly and is looking up at me with a dreamy blissful smile on her face.

“So you want to be punished more then?” I ask her with a cruel smile on my face.

“I don’t want you to punish me Sir because that would mean I’ve done something wrong.” She tells me, “but if you want to I would like it if you would please hurt me Sir.”

Her words are the perfect picture of masochistic submission, it turns me on so much more and I have to suppress the urge to move back behind her and fuck her furiously again because I have different plans for now.

I untie the ropes from the headboard and then the tops that attach her ankles to the foot of the bed.

“Get on your hands and knees and face away from me.” I order her.

Taylor moves to comply and slowly shakes her arms and legs as she moves obviously trying to bring blood rushing back into her limbs.

Once she is on all fours I reach for my trousers and pull the belt out of them. I lash out with the belt striking her across the ass, Taylor shrieks with pain and I remember the caning she had taken earlier and feel a little bad that I had struck where she was obviously still hurting.

“Sit up.” I order her and she quickly sits up, her back straight with perfect posture.

I slap the belt across her back making her shout in pain before she can recover and prepare for the next blow I strike her back with the belt again, and again, and again. I lose myself to my cruel sadistic desires for a moment and just land blow after blow on Taylor’s bare back, I lose count of the blows but I’m pretty sure that I’ve struck her at least fifteen times leaving her back red and sore.

Taylor is sobbing and I feel a little sorry for her but she hasn’t used her safe word yet so I decide to continue.

“Turn around.” I order her and she slowly turns to face me. Her face is close to being on the same level as my cock and she looks up at me with tear streaked cheeks and wet eyes that look like she could cry again at any second.

“You’re doing really well.” I tell her cupping her chin in my hand and tilting her head back. I examine her with her plump lips, streaky makeup, wide teary eyes and ratty sweat soaked hair.

“I told you I would use all of your holes before this is over.” I tell her, “I’ve only used one so it’s time to use another.”

She looks at me confused for a second but then she must realise what I’m talking about because she opens her mouth and wraps her lips around the head of my cock.

“Good whore.” I growl as she lowers her head on my cock.

Taylor swallows the full length of my cock making choking and gagging noises as she does. I slap her cheeks while my cock is buried in her throat and I moan in pleasure as she grunts from the slaps sending vibrations through her throat and into my cock.

“Hold still.” I order her as I slowly start to pull my cock from her throat. I start to slowly fuck her throat pushing my cock all the way into her throat with each slow stroke, I don’t want to cum yet, I have other plans. I fuck her face for a minute or two before pulling completely out of her mouth.

“Get on all fours in the middle of the bed.” I tell her.

Taylor moves towards the centre of the bed as I climb onto the bed behind her. I crouch behind her admiring the view of her tight puckered asshole, her dripping pussy and the patchwork of red welts across her ass and back. Still crouched behind her I rub my cock across her pussy gathering her wetness on my cock and making her moan.

“Please be gentle Sir, I’ve never done this before.” She whispers sounding a little bit frightened knowing what I’m about to do as I run my hands softly over her ass.

“I might, or I might fuck you hard making you scream in pain and not stopping until I’ve cum deep in your ass.” I tell her, changing from gently run my hands over her ass to almost clawing at her ass and hit her with a hard slap as I finish my sentence.

I push the head of my cock against her tight asshole and feel her tense up.

“Relax or this will hurt a lot.” I tell her.

I push forward with my weight and feel my cock pop inside her ass, she yelps in pain and tries to pull away from me but I firmly grip her hips and hold her in place. I don’t move yet letting her get used to the feel of having something inside her ass.

A second later I start to push forward again forcing more of my cock inside her ass. She gasps as I slide further inside her virgin ass, she let’s out a loud moan that she holds while I push inside her, her moan cuts off when my entire length is buried inside her virgin asshole.

“Fuck.” I growl feeling her ass tight around my cock as I leave it in her ass so she can get used to the feel before I start to fuck her properly.

After a short moment I start to move pulling back so only the head of my cock is inside her before pushing back in, Taylor groans but it is that same groan that I have started to really enjoy hearing, the kind of groan that says she is in pain but feeling pleasure from it at the same time.

I start to move faster in her ass, gradually getting faster and faster until I feel my balls slapping against her pussy with every thrust. Taylor is moaning loudly in that exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure and I can’t help but join her letting my loud moans of pleasure join with her moans to create a cacophony of sexual moans and groans.

Once I’ve found a rhythm that works I reach one hand underneath Taylor and start to play with her dripping pussy, letting my fingers trail through her lips and brush teasingly over her clit. My spare hand reaches out and I gather a bundle of her hair that I pull sharply on jerking her head back and forcing her to arch her back more.

“Please Sir can I cum?” She screams as I continue to pull her hair and play with her pussy while fucking her ass.

“Yes cum for me, my little whore.” I growl moving the hand playing with her pussy so that I can use her hair to pull her up so she is almost sitting up on me.

Taylor is pretty much sitting on my lap when her orgasm hits, I thrust harder into her ass and move my hand from her hair to her throat and choke her as the hand that had been playing with her pussy now snakes from my side around her and back to her pussy.

She shakes and groans on me as she orgasms and I continue my abuse of her body. Her ass was already tight as this was her first time trying anal but her orgasm made her tighten her muscles which just made her even more tight and a short moment later I was spraying a huge load of cum deep into her ass.

I hold onto Taylor dragging her down with me as I flop onto my side lying in the bed, my cock is still in her ass with one hand around her throat and the other on her pussy. I want to make her orgasm again but this time I want to see her face as she does. I pull my cock from her ass and let go of her throat.

“Face me.” I order her and she rolls over to face me.

I’m a little surprised when I meet her gaze because she is looking at me with what I can only describe as a dreamy infatuated look in her eyes. I start to play with her pussy again as I look into her eyes and watch her every facial twitch and expression as I slip two fingers inside her pussy and circle her clit with my thumb.

Would it be that bad if she was in love with me, I ask myself as I see that infatuated look in her eyes again. I think about it for a moment as I state into her eyes and let the sounds of my fingers in her pussy and her moans serenade me. No, I decide, I think I would like it if she was in love with me, what’s not to like about the most popular and beautiful girl in school falling in love with you, the fact that we were already fucking and that she is a pain slut and seemed to be completely submissive to me now just made it all better.

“Please Sir can I cum?” She asks softly still holding eye contact with me.

“Yes you can.” I tell her a slight smile flashing across my lips.

Taylor moans and I watch the orgasm start to hit her, just as it does I move my head forward slightly and kiss her. The kiss is tender and gentle and I realize that it’s the first time I’ve kissed her softly and not been hurting her or thinking about hurting her.

She only has a quick orgasm but that seems to suit her fine, I don’t think she could have had another big orgasm after already having four separate orgasm one of which being especially violent.

We lie there for a short time panting to catch our breaths, covered in sweat and satisfied. I can see a look in Taylor’s eyes that tells me she wants to ask me a question but is afraid of invoking my punishment.

“What is it?” I ask her softly.

“I was wondering if you didn’t mind me spending the night Sir.” She says quietly and glancing away from me, “I mean if you don’t want me to...” She trails off. I glance over at the clock on my bedside cabinet and see that it is close to one in the morning.

“Well it is late.” I mutter, “I suppose you would have to walk home too?” I ask and she nods her head.

I stay silent for a moment partially just to see her squirm but also because I am seriously thinking about my options. I couldn’t kick her out and leave her to walk home alone at this late of an hour. I was a little worried though about what it would mean to let her stay the night, I remember the look she had given me, the one I had seen so many guys look at her with, a look of love and adoration. I didn’t know how to feel about that look but I knew one thing for certain, I couldn’t let her walk home, she was staying here tonight.

“You can stay here tonight.” I tell her, her face lights up with joy like a kid on Christmas morning making her look so much more beautiful.

Taylor looks into my eyes for a long minute with a look of satisfaction, love and exhaustion on her face. Eventually she rolls over pulling one of my arms with her so that I’m spooning her with my arm over her stomach, hand pressed against one of her breasts and my chest pressed against her back. I can feel the welts on her back against my chest and I feel the need to find some lotion or something to put on the welts to stop them stinging but they don’t seem to bother her as she shuffles backwards pushing herself harder against me so I decide against moving and just relax against her.

“I think I love you Sir.” Taylor says softly.

I’m not sure what to say to her, this is the girl who had terrorized me for years and made my life a living hell, the girl I had blackmailed into becoming my slave, who I had beaten and fucked mercilessly. I don’t love her but I might if given enough time to.

I softly kiss the side of her neck and try to put all thoughts of love out of my head and just enjoy the feeling of her body against mine as we both drift closer towards sleep but I can’t. I keep hearing her words and seeing the look of love in her eyes which keeps me awake thinking about if I could actually love the girl pressed against me and snoring softly. I don’t think it matters right now anyway because she is my slave now, a piece of meat for me to fuck and abuse and I like that.

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