Surf swap type siftware ideas anyone?

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Surf swap type siftware ideas anyone?

Post by NikkieSims »

Hey friends, I am looking for ideas on an auto surf type software package. Does anyone have any experience with these or ideas?

Thank to all for your valued support, Nikki
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Re: Surf swap type siftware ideas anyone?

Post by NaughtyNarrator »

I have experience with several traffic exchange scripts, both manual and auto, however i belive manual traffic exchanges serve more value than autohits sites.

A person logs on in their second browser, sets it up to run, and switch over to their primary browser and arent really paying attention.

manual surf prevents this, are you looking for ideas on what script to start using?

I have tried almost all of them under the sun. have most running still, though they arent really used as I havnt had time to promote everything I have going on.
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