Experimenting with Jav Bucks Asian sites

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Experimenting with Jav Bucks Asian sites

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Hi guys, I am back to looking for more great adult affiliate programs. I came across the Asian section of Jav Bucks sort of by accident but soon learned that they have some very different and unusual content. The referral program is pretty much the same as others, 5%. https://javbucks.com/track/MzEwMTYuMS4xLjEuMi4wLjAuMC4w But I did find that once I posted a few banners at 5 of my existing sites, plenty of clicks and a few signups so far. They offer a 1.00 3 day trial, you all know how that works. I will keep you updated with any success I receive in the way of paid sign ups.

Here is how to get started. https://javbucks.com/track/MzEwMTYuMS4xLjEuMi4wLjAuMC4w

Bless you all! Nikkie

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